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Watch Patravi Replica Tissot three time Chronograph

Tissot with three time display, precise timing functions as well as the perfect fusion of luxurious materials, has long been a masterpiece tissot chronograph replica. At the 2016 Basel Watch Fair, Bucherer will be released a new TravelTec watches, watches with new type cool matte black appearance, powerful diamond-like carbon coating incarnation case design makes it highly personalized wrist meter, a memorable. Patravi Replica Watches UK Cheap Sale Tissot  three time Chronograph wear comfortable, functional and practical, clear when reading, but also has a sophisticated structure, is busy traveler companion wrist timepieces. Bucherer Basel Watch Fair 2016 released a new Tissot watches, stainless steel case and bracelet after its diamond-like carbon coating (diamond-like-carbon) treated black grim shape refreshing.

Diamond-like carbon coating step is made by a plurality of sophisticated, high hardness carbon, durable and lightweight characteristics of its head; diamond-like carbon coating, although very thin, but its carbon and diamond crystal structure similar, case After adding diamond-like carbon coating, anti-wear and shock performance is greatly improved; case and bracelet by diamond-like carbon coating, deep matte black appearance breathtaking personality, coupled with a black dial, light timers, when standard and scale, layout structured, design aspire.

Case and movement cleverly integrated Patravi TravelTec three chronograph time, plus can simultaneously display the time in three time zones, nature is preferred guests watch out. This new model assembly Bucherer CFB 1901.1 developed its own automatic movement, more access to the Swiss official Observatory certification; dial can display the local time and second time zone, and the third time zone is 24 hours through the red pointer and rotating inner bezel display; Patravi TravelTec three time chronograph function set provides easy operation: Whether east or west Shuttle different time zones, you can easily set the time zone for the third time through a single button Tissot  replica watch patented technology.

December 17, 2015, on New Year’s at the end of the ancient capital of Nanking drew another magnificent moment, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot new advertising image worldwide for the first time the opening ceremony, held in Nanjing Central Emporium. Tissot Global Ambassador Liu Yifei invited to attend, along with many honored guests witnessed the Tissot brand new proposition “THIS IS YOUR TIME this is your moment” Bearing in mind that the people of another time. Tissot Nanjing Central Emporium shop in festive costumes are also on the same day the grand opening, Tissot Nanjing Central Emporium store holiday Replica Rolex under new clothes, on top of the simple and elegant classic style festival promises to bring the promise of glamor. In over 162 years of history, the Tissot never stopped exquisite sense of design and rich women watches interpretation of women independent and confident spirit of the times, Liu Yifei interpretation of the new advertising image would Tissot spirit advocated by the perfect present moment, She belongs to a new interpretation of the moment.

Cheerful historical charm of the ancient capital of Nanking, under the festival added a dash against the background Smart. Just as a long tradition of Tissot, add it to the Global Ambassador Liu Yifei portrait to help out, let Tissot’s highly anticipated new brand image. Day, Tissot Miss Wang Ying, vice president of China, and arrived guests shared a Tissot brand new ideas “this is your moment (THIS IS YOUR TIME)”, and to “challenge” as an opportunity to explain his life journey extraordinary moment, while defying challenges reveal Tissot innovation, commitment to provide the wearer when precision timepieces to attain the quality and spirit of the brand. Miss Wang Ying, vice president of China, Tissot, said: “This is a crucial moment – entered, that no retreat at all; met face is really me; view, both fearless challenge; this moment, right now This is your moment. interpretation of the Tissot has been the same since the founding of the pioneering spirit and tradition of innovation. continue to meet new challenges, Tissot is the new brand slogan to convey and tell stories. It motivates people to be proactive , fearless challenge, calling people the courage to open a new chapter in life. Users need a trusted brand, as well as fit with their own brand of spiritual connotation, it can be a reliable performance, the tradition, also, or attractive design, charm attracted by this new brand proposition, Tissot expectations resonate with every user. ”

On Tissot Swiss Replica Watches new advertising image worldwide for the first time the opening ceremony, a large image of the hero, Miss Liu Yifei to site visitors about the brand new blockbusters experience, as well as their life in those high-profile glamor moment. Shooting a new image large day, Liu Yifei dressed in simple white trousers free and easy, with a series of diamond section Du Luer watch, an extraordinary femininity and vivid interpretation of the modern female independence and confident temperament, showing “beautiful, model , confidence, humility, “the spirit of the moment, to their own quality of inspiring more women to confidently shine. Liu Yifei own experience with the perfect interpretation of the Tissot has been the constant breakthroughs in innovation, fearless challenge to enjoy blooming spirit of the brand. In this “silver” loaded-wrapped, “red” meaning abundant warm festival, Tissot Nanjing Central Emporium store grand opening festival new clothes. The store is located in a prime commercial area of ​​Nanjing, the shop with red, white, and black-based colors, minimalist modern design and Tissot T + brand logo shining accordingly. Site elements highlighted in red Christmas atmosphere, warm and full of festive and peaceful; sections of watches in the soft, delicate light irradiation as well as against the background under a special showcase, is particularly brilliant. Every detail reflects the Tissot will combine traditional and modern charm, modern design with the traditional process echoes, and Tissot “innovation from tradition” brand philosophy perfect fit, to show everyone the Tissot hundred years to exquisite Swiss watchmaking, and excellence in watchmaking concept for consumers to bring a new store experience. Liu Yifei also in activities of the day come to shop, to bring its new advertising image blockbusters, and in-store interacted with the guests.

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