New style hamilton khaki navy pioneer limited edition replica watch

A finely crafted contemporary interpretation of the marine chronometers produced by hamilton khaki navy pioneer limited edition replica watch in the 1940s, this precision timekeeper doubles as a wristwatch and table-clock. Owners can choose whether to enjoy today’s precision-timekeeping on their wrist, or in pride of place on their desk or showcase – safely in parallel position, with absolutely no collision danger from a style or operational perspective.


As Hamilton enters its 120th year of timekeeping on land, in the air and at sea, the Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition mirrors the brand’s deep-rooted maritime history. Each of the 1,892 numbered pieces, referring to the company’s foundation year, comes in its own Pará rubber tree wooden box, reminiscent of its wartime ‘ancestors’. The design combines a proven pioneering spirit with passion for detail that makes a difference in terms of appearance and functionality. The transition between the two forms is simple and smart, underlining its essential modernity.

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Nostalgia drives the design of the 2012 Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition, translated by the latest watchmaking techniques and materials. The dial gets a sumptuously classical look through a velvety finish on its silver-coloring. Reminding of the distinctive blue hands of a Hamilton marine chronometer introduced in the 1940s are hand-made, shaped hands in ocean-blue. A traditional case shape integrates loops for the leather strap and a bezel with delicately patterned sides. And building the ultimate design bridge to connect yesterday with today is the facility to use a tailor-made stainless steel gimbal to create a table-clock, or the stitched leather strap to secure it to the owner’s wrist. In 2012, marine hamilton khaki replica looks to be wearable, versatile, stylish – and completely at home on dry land.

A Swiss-made, hand-winding mechanical movement powers the watch, with the signature of fine watchmaking evident in its exclusive decoration and unique engraving to honor the brand’s milestone anniversary. Today’s Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition adopts the same ambitious course to achieve the highest standards of reliability. Perfectly in tune with the rhythm of the hours and minutes, a separate dial positioned at 6 o’clock diligently tracks the passage of the seconds.The original Hamilton replica watch marine chronometers demonstrated unrivalled accuracy, known as a “zero rate” of perfection, according to the Naval Observatory.