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Opening of Hublot Big Bang Chrono Replica Watch

October 18, 2015 in Chengdu reported] love the table early in the morning from Beijing to Chengdu, woke up when the plane hazy aircraft has begun to decline. About a year and I have not been to Chengdu, really looking forward to this moment. Chengdu miss food, beauty, and widens passionate night. Swire Faribault Elysees Hotel is located in Chengdu newest commercial landmark heart place, quiet, low-key luxury, very good. Near IFS International Financial Centre, it is HUBLOT Hublot replica watches boutique location, walking past very close, very convenient.

Swiss top watch brand Hublot  replica  Chengdu IFS International Financial Center store grand opening, Hublot become another milestone in the Chinese market. At the same time, “Hublot love art” is also set foot in Chengdu, initiate continuous search for the essence of art – to join the independence of non-governmental environmental organization WWF WWF, engaged in giant panda conservation projects for the realization of life in harmony with nature Symbiosis and contribute. This cooperation is not only the interpretation of the Hublot strong support for environmental protection and social responsibility initiatives play, but also for the “fusion of art” in-depth exploration of the 10th anniversary of the Big Bang and the lofty praise. Hublot more to the giant panda as inspiration to create a unique special panda watch Big Bang, as a tribute to the 35th anniversary of WWF entered China. It is worth mentioning that the Hublot Big Bang Replica Watch 10 anniversary exhibition accompanied Heart Panda panda history of public rolex replica  art exhibition debut IFS floor, traditional watchmaking and modern art exhibit violent collision distinctive new experience again. Among the many art exhibits in the giant panda, one with “Big Bang 10 years” for the inspiration to create the Hublot Big Bang panda naive, avant-garde design with exquisite tribute to Swiss replica watches watchmaking, as Hublot Chengdu IFS International Financial Center Opening stores icing on the cake.
Hublot replica watches
An important moment of the day, with Mr. (Ricardo Guadalupe) Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and other guests cut the ribbon and unveiling success – Hublot Chengdu IFS International Financial Center store grand opening. At the same time, the full range of Hublot watches will be fully presented, which not only will bring consumers unique taste experience of Chengdu, will be more intimate and detailed professional services to Chengdu. Meanwhile, Hublot will also promote the concept of life with the opening of stores in Chengdu IFS infected more consumers, the brand into a new vitality in the development of southwest China.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Ricardo Hublot Big Bang Chrono Replica Watch (Ricardo Guadalupe), said: “very pleased today to be able to come to China to witness so many moments of glory, and we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the establishment of WWF China, Hublot will share visual as the foundation of corporate social responsibility by helping to share more social institutions, philanthropic organizations and the Environmental Protection Foundation, is intended to allow the harmonious development of society, toward a better future. also thank the many guests and Hublot celebrate Hublot Big Bang birth 10th anniversary of the IFS International Financial Center and Chengdu dress store opening, Hublot will continue to uphold the ‘fusion of art’ the way forward, to bring more extraordinary works for many consumers. ”

IFS international financial center is located in front of the Big Bang replica watches  pandas more as people rush to a photo of the object, its design incorporates a variety of elements: flowers and birds, Tai Chi Bagua map, Big Bang design sketches, “BIG BANG 10 YEARS” logo …… these elements in red Hublot brand philosophy of “Art of Fusion” Yao Ying, the distribution of an extraordinary “fusion” charm.

Panda known as “China’s national treasure”, is the world’s biological diversity protection of flagship species, the current worldwide shortage of wild giant pandas 1600, belonging to a protected animal in China, Sichuan has a unique advantage, because pandas only Survival in south slope, Minshan, Qionglai mountain opposite Altitude 1500 m -3000 m in area. Hublot Big Bang watches in particular pandas store opening night of the auction for 194,800 price. So payments will be used for charitable cause of protecting the giant panda.

Opening of the end of the event today, HUBLOT led media drove to Qingcheng Mountain Taoist shrines were blessing ceremony, and for everyone to prepare a wealth of Taiji sword show, everyone in the six taste good food at the same hotel, enjoy the Taoist culture, cultural integration. Here we must say HUBLOT Hublot arrange for everyone to stay at the foot of Mount Qingcheng six good hotel, its design and Taoism, Mount Qingcheng natural environment in harmony dependent, slow-paced here reflected most vividly, if and when the work is not so busy time able to live here on a week day mountain climbing, the Senate Omotesando, wash lungs. . . . Right when it ideal future.

Very fortunate that we can close in the valley to see the giant pandas panda, named after adoption Hublot “Big Bang beauty” and her twins are among them, many people first saw the giant panda, natural incomparable excited. Hublot replica  in recent years from a position in the high-end watch the minds of consumers has been improving, I think one very important point is HUBLOT Hublot love art, social responsibility, and these spirit passed to the media and consumer By. I think this is where the success of this event.

Climb down the hill, a bowl of noodles to eat tasty appetizers.

Such haze from Beijing replica watches seriously affect the health of city people come rain Qingcheng Mountain, Tianranyangba anion will make your heart and lungs a chance to breathe, brand arrangements praying in Shangqing Palace in just 20 minutes, but it is present Life for the first time, hoping grateful famous Taoist Tao-long presence you bring blessing to give a safe life, but also to bring Hublot smooth sailing in China’s development.

Here is a group of super cute “baby panda!” Sichuan is really no chance does not come so close contact with them. See that they had a great time in the Panda Valley. Wildlife increasingly scarce today, hope that with more people and groups added to the WWF this public service organizations, people and contribute to harmonious coexistence with nature!

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