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Latest Multicolored Rolex Day-Date Red Dial Red Leather watch

In this session of the International Cheap Discount Rolex Replica Watches UK, Replica Rolex, Breiting Fair in Basel, attracted the most attention is the Day-Date watch with a multi-colored alligator strap, this is the first time for the Rolex. Of course, the price relative to all metal with also a lot cheaper, would like to start the Rolex Day-Date watch, this is a new really good choice. This sector of the Basel International Watch Fair, the launch of the latest Rolex Day-Date watch, the new watch there are three kinds of material and 6 colors, 18 ct gold case with green or cognac colored surface and strap; 18 ct gold case with blue or cherry surface and strap; 18 ct eternal rose gold case with chocolate or classic rhodium white surface and black strap.
Above a watch it uses 18K white gold, cherry-colored dial and strap design, the 12 o’clock position of the arc of the day display window on the classic rolex day date red dial replica, how to see how comfortable. Classic dog tooth ring, when the luminous bar icon. Although the strap into the glamorous cherry color crocodile leather strap, but we still feel the main features of the classic Rolex. This is a 18K gold to create watches and other siwss fake rolex, like the new watch is equipped with fully developed by Rolex 3155 automatic winding mechanical movement. Exquisite design and high quality of the production process of this movement have superior accuracy and reliability. Watch heart parts – balanced swing components using patent blue PARACHROM gossamer Rolex by Rolex exclusive cast alloy. This springs from magnetic interference, at a temperature change still stable, shock resistance up to 10 times faster than conventional springs.
Unique middle block 18 ct gold case original cast. Triangular grooved bottom by rolex oyster perpetual day date replica watch maker with a special tool exclusive brand tightened so that the case is completely sealed. Winding crown with patented waterproof Twill double locking system securely fastened to the case. Triangular grooved outer ring is a classic aesthetic characteristics rolex replica watches. Watch diameter of 36 mm, water resistant to 100 meters using Oyster case design is sturdy and elegant, perfectly proportioned model. The new 18 ct gold crown buckle perfect combination. This discount can easily adjust the strap length. European prices new Day-Date watch points are more than 20,000 Swiss francs, all precious metals to create money a lot cheaper relative.

Watch Details:
Oyster Perpetual Day-Date
Model (Case): 118,138
Oyster style case (original piece of metal casting middle case, screw-down case back and winding crown)
Diameter 36 mm
Material 18 ct gold, polished effect
Rolex triangle bottom grooved screwed caseback
Triangular grooved outer ring outer ring
Winding crown screw-lock Twill dual waterproofing system
Anti-scratch sapphire crystal mirror, double anti-reflective small window zoom lens (2.5x) calendar
Water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet)

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