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Sunny summer predictable, the Hublot replica watches brand Hublot and global brand ambassador, international piano superstar Lang Lang similar to each other in a head summer musical journey. Lang opened the 80 days of the world tour, which was integration of innovative musical ideas from Singapore to San Francisco more went to London, received numerous applause and admiration around the world. During Lang Lang Hublot came to a pause, respectively, in July 1 and July 2 went to organize two summer concert in Italy and France. Unlike in the past is that the Lang Lang’s playing field comes from improvisation, the music to the mood of the integration of the infection spectrum of listeners each scene, allowing them to personally experience the unique blend of music and art charm.

Lang Lang

The shine on the world stage artists, just as the hublot big bang replica music of rock stars across the boundaries of tradition and innovation in a free uninhibited artistic talent to conquer the music world! Hublot replica watches brand ambassador Lang Lang is undoubtedly a brilliant and impassioned music artists, he is good at the integration of a variety of musical elements, through innovative subversive interpretation, beyond the public awareness of the limitations of classical music. rolex replica watches He and American heavy metal band Metallica’s first giant called historic cross-border performances allow a global audience crazy, respectively, and jazz legend Herbie Hancock (Herbie Hancock) and world-class tenor singer Placido Domingo (Placido Domingo ) but also demonstrates the wonderful cooperation Lang innovative pioneering spirit! In the music world, he is always so brave, always brings us surprises, no he can not seem to control the track. The stage presence of a strong arts masters also, like other stars, has a unique charisma and willing to share feelings, and his life credo Hublot brand philosophy coincide.

Faced with 80 days of tight global tour schedule, the world-renowned,omega replica watches energetic musical genius also embraced Hublot two exclusive summer concert invitations. Lang Lang’s passion for the arts made him tirelessly, as if with endless energy, get unlimited pleasure to share with the audience the music in the process. He and Hublot, has shown signs of more than fit!

Great music feast
Destination – charming Mediterranean coast

3. HUBLOT Hublot global brand ambassador Lang Lang in Porto Cervo, Italy to attend the summer concert Hublot
Hublot replica watches uk
Big Bang carbon fiber square diamond watch

July 1, 2015, Italy Porto Cervo (Porto Cervo)
Located in the center of Porto Cervo marina luxury shopping destination Harrods Village, Lang Lang is Hublot presents a unique summer concert. Inspired by nature’s beauty from the Mediterranean coast, his riffs way, with its uninhibited freedom “magic fingers” conquer the scene all the distinguished guests. Like many other artists, the pianist also have their own cherished objects – Lang Lang must use their own exclusive piano while wearing Big Bang carbon fiber square diamond watch. The same day, Lang Lang more to global brand identity Hublot ambassador, attended the Hublot store opening ribbon-cutting ceremony in the summer Harrods Village of.

July 2, 2015, France (St Tropez)

Jean – Claude Mr. Beaver

After a few hours, Lang went to France’s top resorts 600 km away.replica watches uk Chairman of the Board and Chief Hublot watches LVMH Group president Jean – Claude greeted personally by Mr. Beaver (Jean-Claude Biver) his arrival, with all the guests celebrate with Lang Lang’s 32 birthday. That night, Lang Lang Hublot exclusive concert again with its excellent musical skills deduction Summer melody, charity work Hublot has officially announced their support for Lang Lang hublot big bang carbon fiber replica public projects. Lang Lang is committed to support the wildlife rescue (Wild Aid), the African Wildlife Foundation (African Wildlife Foundation) and Save the Elephants (Save the Elephants) advocated the “refusal of ivory,” public service activities, Hublot will represent France’s special Luo Peisi stores 7, part of the profits in August for two months as a donation to support animal protection Lang Lang’s welfare.

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Brand a news: HUBLOT Hublot announced international visual artist Chen Man has become a global brand ambassador

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