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Hublot Classic Fusion released the official limited edition watch!

[September 14, 2015 Love the table family in Beijing] to mark the 65th anniversary of China and Switzerland Hublot replica watches established diplomatic official ceremony held at the residence of the Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing as the Swiss 65th anniversary celebrations of the establishment of diplomatic exclusive watch partner Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot Classic Fusion released “65th Anniversary of Sino-Swiss diplomatic ties,” the official limited edition watch. With the remarkable achievements in the global watchmaking and commercial areas, Hublot since July 2014 on a positive Swiss participation in a landmark free trade agreement, and publish limited edition watch for the Sino-Swiss bilateral exchanges, consolidate and develop bilateral friendly relations gift.

Switzerland on September 1, 1950 to establish diplomatic relations with new China, since the establishment of diplomatic ties 65 years in Switzerland, the bilateral relations in the cultural \ economic \ Energy \ tourism and other aspects of steady development. Ambassador Mr. Dai Shangxian and elites, and academic celebrities government officials to jointly develop the two countries exchange important cultural, economic, science and technology.
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Swiss Ambassador Mr. Dai Shangxian said: “The 65th anniversary of Sino-Swiss diplomatic ties is an important milestone in the history of bilateral relations, the Swiss watchmaking industry is the world-famous cradle of watchmaking and spread for hundreds of years since the historical tradition of our culture treasures, today’s Swiss watch industry is still booming, and holds a hublot classic fusion replica  position in the international market. We are pleased that the Swiss watchmaking era benchmark has won praise from consumers in China. I look forward to China and Switzerland in including the watch industry and other areas for a wide range of exchanges and cooperation, and jointly create a more long-term economic development. ”

Chairman of the Board and Chief Hublot watches LVMH Group president Jean – Claude – Mr. Beaver said: “The Swiss watchmaking industry as a senior in cultural exchanges and economic and trade relations between the two countries to flourish energize the 65th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations in Swiss history of the time, I look forward to the two countries in the future continue to create more long-term economic development. Hublot replica watches uk is proud to be the representative of the Swiss watch industry in Switzerland established diplomatic relations 65 anniversary of the exclusive watch partner, hope Hublot will be more dynamic The market environment exhibits large competitiveness ”

Classic Fusion official “65th Anniversary of Sino-Swiss diplomatic ties” limited edition is also in this context came into being, bearing in mind this important moment in history titanium case .45mm continuation of the essence of classical fusion series, crafted by the hollow dial, the movement operation greeted with a full complex beauty .3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position with chronograph dial, while the Chinese and Swiss flag in a unique show in the form of a small dial at 3 o’clock in the Table back printing There are 65 years of diplomatic relations and Switzerland the main symbol – a red “65” contains a five-star and the cross, the essence of fusion flags of China and Switzerland, respectively, in English and Chinese at the same time show “1950-2015 SWIZERLANFD AND CHINA ” and “the 65th anniversary of diplomatic ties China and Switzerland” message. In black natural rubber strap with a black alligator leather, to represent China and Switzerland jointly red wool stitches.

As we all know, Switzerland and China replica watches are the focus on national innovation. In addition to the dialogue between the government agencies, the Swiss watch industry is also close exchanges between the two countries in many areas to pave the way to “become the first, unique, distinctive” as the purpose of the Hublot, has always been based tradition and innovation, to create the most talented and creative carrying the iconic counter.

Summary: Hublot replica uk dedicated to art, music, sports, to promote the exchange of high-end lifestyle, “Hublot love art” and “Hublot love football,” two important themes projects will continue to offer unparalleled shock experience in Chinese consumers.

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