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In 1912, Cartier Replica Watches China mystery clock was born first, by the media screamed “watch a miracle in the history.” Its pointer as if in suspended between the transparent crystal bell rotation, not the slightest connection with the movement, it is ‘wow’. In this year’s SIHH Watch Fair, Cartier watches re-launched two series, writing the legend. From mystery to fantasy mysterious: when appearance is no longer arrested in a grid, implying a subtle delicate time; when cartier ballon bleu replica watches watch tourbillon escapement like a weightless body transparent like suspended above the dial, is depicted time mysterious and elusive. Misty mysterious ethereal Rotonde de 2016 Best Cartier Replica Watches, suspended in the air with its psychedelic visual pointer, so all the audience breathless. Extreme simple design, tend to make people forget their mysterious magical time display mode, in fact, comes from the extraordinary precision of complicated watches structure. To the creation of a secret watch, Cartier watch workshops watchmakers must try their best to overcome the inherent limitations of all, with the movement of the pointer does not detect a connection to perfection trace. In order to reduce friction between the sapphire crystal disc, watchmakers decided to make it around the thin shaft, gear and operation of similar, but not mysterious bell commonly employed in a conventional manner through the guide slot operation.

This new structure combining ideas and hand wheel, to avoid friction and reduce the movement of energy consumption. When the friction is reduced to a minimum level, you need to optimize the total weight of the inertia of 0.56 g of large-size sapphire crystal disc via a gear means deep reactive ion etching made. This advanced technology can use to build a three-dimensional way to make metal parts, thus creating a high degree of fit with sapphire crystal disc integrated gear, so that the assembly of geometric accuracy micron. To maximize simplify different parts of the final assembly process, Cartier uses a modular approach, the movement will be divided into two separate parts: the movement operation part, crescent occupy space on the main plate; independent display module occupy was deliberately left out of the circular space. The whole disc by the four sapphire crystal antiglare treatment after construction, in a laminar flow environment is individually fitted to avoid any dust. When the watch is finally assembled, the pointer will be as enchanted as suspended in the air. Movement by 58% for the diameter of sapphire crystal disc, Cartier break through the limitations mysterious display legibility will be upgraded to a new height.

As a result of sapphire crystal disc, mysterious replica Cartier watches display count is generally considered vulnerable than traditional complex movement. 9981 MC-type movement of innovative design to make it perfectly through a series of rigorous testing and trial, including 500 consecutive withstand impact and drops from one meter to the ground. While dazzling transparent movement of high stability and accuracy, balance wheel vibration frequency of 4 Hz, and is equipped with 48 hours power reserve.

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