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Breitling Chronomat Airborne automatic chronograph watch 2014

The early 1980s, just after Ernst Schneider Willy cheap breitling replica watches acquired company shortly after heard of the Italian Air Force “Tricolor Arrows” aerobatic team is bidding for its first official with the table, so he decided to to its tailored a new, fully in line with the needs of the pilots “wrist instrument.” When a real hand in the top tab aviation experts and professional elite to build flight count was born. Rugged and reliable case, contour exquisite lugs, legible dial, in accordance with ergonomic buttons and crown design details from the overall appearance of the structure to deal with, both to meet the professional requirements of aviation people. The Breitling mechanical chronograph watch features a powerful, bold and avant-garde yet elegant design, conquered the Italian ace pilots, and in 1983 voted to become the official fleet Table.

Ernst Schneider keenly aware that this Italian Air Force flight team official with the table appropriately reflects all of the Breitling brand philosophy and mission, and therefore decided to fight the latest flagship replica breitling bentley watches. In 1984, coincided with the centenary of the birth of the occasion, this professional-based Breitling launched a brand new aviation meter flagship – the famous mechanical chronograph watches. In the past three decades, this extraordinary timepiece although at a slightly subtle adjustments to better adapt to the aesthetic trends, but the overall design is still the continuation of the high classical prototype watches recognizable style characteristics, and constantly improve its durability, functionality, accuracy and reliability aspects of performance. In 2009, breitling chronomat chronograph replica became the first equipped with the new Breitling watches made of the movement. As a Breitling watch series flagship, it has become a model for Chronograph, presents a focus on superior performance, to achieve a feat beyond the limits of self and the world.

The new special series: ace Breitling Chronomat Airborne 2014 fake, a time when the best-selling Breitling watches the 30th anniversary of the birth of mechanical chronograph, Breitling launched a new special series replica watches hot sale, full of classic Italian Air Force prototype watches “Tricolor Arrows” aerobatic team official with a unique style table and timepieces spirit. The new Breitling mechanical chronograph watch with its ace extraordinary fortitude, sophisticated technical appearance stand out: The satin brushed rotating bezel decorated with four raised bezel indicator, auxiliary timing when available flight, even if wear gloves also easy to operate. Extremely sturdy steel case with fine polished edge, you can choose 41 mm diameter and 44 mm in two dimensions table.

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