OMEGA Seamaster Aqua TerraOmega Replica 

Best omega seamaster aqua terra replica watch online

Best omega seamaster aqua terra replica watch online of the aspects that sets this movement apart from other is that the movement is protected by non-ferrous materials in the movement, rather than a protective container in the watch case. OMEGA made this announcement at a press conference on January 17th in Geneva. The first prototype has been fitted in an OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra and the new movement has several patents pending. As magnets have become more present in everyday life, watches constantly need to be demagnetized after being exposed to magnetic fields.

OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra

Michel Willemin, OMEGA Vice President and Head of Product Development, gave a live demonstration and further explained how this OMEGA movement is truly a breakthrough.However, this new OMEGA movement will serve as a solution to this omega seamaster aqua terra replica watch .

However, watchmakers at OMEGA have designed a watch that will address this challenge. No other watch can withstand even close to this amount of magnetic resistance, making this  omega seamaster replica watch truly innovative and one-of-a-kind. OMEGA has recently announced that they have created a watch that will be the first ever anti-magnetic watch. This movement is resistant to magnetic fields of over 1.5 tesla. One of the greatest struggles for watchmakers in the past has always been the issue of magnetic resistance.

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